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About Us

A Purrfect Place Cattery is a smaller, cozy cat only boarding kennel. We cater to cat owners that want their Kitty pampered and boarded with loving care. We provide a sanitary environment, spacious condo’s and lots of play time in a controlled setting. We can administer most prescribed medications if required. Brushing and petting come as a free service.

If your Kitty has not been boarded before you can take comfort in knowing that cats are social, inquisitive and enjoy being in the company of other cats if only to view them from their private suite. Cats can become lonely and depressed if isolated in a place where they cannot see what is going on around them. We offer a social and safe atmosphere that your kitty will enjoy. No dogs barking, just soft music, birds singing and a fresh-air window to sun in. Compare our exclusive cattery to other boarding facilities and you will see the difference. We enjoy very positive reviews from our customers and are veterinarian recommended.We are considered a Five-Star facility that provides hands on care for yout Kitty and cater to folks that are particular about their pet. Reserve a Purrfect Place in advance for your next vacation. Kitty will love you for it.

Rae Janet Chacos

Call us at: 425-231-9880
5210 68th DR NE Marysville, WA 98270
Easy to find 2 miles east of I-5 exit # 199
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